But before things proceed in any way, she.

When she saw Charlie Gardner&39;s signature on it, Elsie&39;s mind went blank.

. The woman continued, "It&39;s my brother-in-law&39;s.

It has 9.

Yvonne, the ex wife of the most powerful man in New York, is now just a waitress at a 3 star restaurant, trying to make ends meet and that is when she is going to come across her ex husband, Scott Anderson.

In the end, she hed sheken off Cerson's hend end left without looking beck. Chapter 15 Don't Ever Mention Her Again. A month after she returned, she met Tranz at the hospital because the latter took his new wife there for a pregnancy check-up.

As humen beings, we heve to look eheed; we cen&39;t be immersed in hetred end the pest for the rest of our lives.

Its been three months" The woman handed her a medical report. Most importently, Cerson hed his love effeir with Medilyn before his merriege to Elsie's mother. Amelia Kales is married to Liam Stones.

Elsie Lawson was stunned. " "Nonsense"Elsie Lawson questioned.

Read His Ex Wife by Abbhyaa Vyas.

In the end, I'm his wife, not Sonia.

2 out of 10-star rating from 48 ratings. Chapter 76 None of Your Business.

Chen Chen said, "Go and see Hu Wan tomorrow. Chapter 18 Just You Wait and See.


In the novel, the white moonlight Cheng Jun was a hollow character with a.

Cristopher was rather good-looking, and the Reynolds family was very wealthy.

Chapter. She is the adopted daughter of Alpha Landon Quinn. Its been three months.

The woman continued, Its my brother-in-laws. . He asked her to sign it because he wanted to give his ultimate unattainable lover, Hu Wan, a beautiful ending. . At this moment, her world was destroyed.

On this day.

" Bai Ran said, "Okay. The woman continued, "It's my brother-in-law's.


She realizes her life is ruined by her ex husband.

Elsie Lawson was stunned.

The woman handed her a medical report.

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